Protect your packages this holiday season: Here’s some advice

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Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve the United States Postal Service is expected to deliver 16 billion pieces of mail and packages.

More than 5 million packages will be delivered on Sundays in December alone.

And the busiest mailing day of the year is December 19th.

The busiest delivery day is December 22nd.

To help send and receive packages more smoothly, the post office has some tips.

The post office strongly recommends buying insurance for your packages. The first $50 is free.

It also encourages you to send your packages through Priority Mail so the boxes travel in their own mail stream. Priority Mail Express gets your packages there even faster and there the first $100 is insured and on the house. Without it, you're out of luck and the person on the other end is left holding a broken box with no grounds to file a claim.