Midday Fix: High tech holiday gift ideas from Consumer Technology Association’s Jim Barry

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Jim Barry

Consumer Technology Association

The items mentioned today:

Go Simple Home Smart Wifi Controlled Wall Outlet
Easily turn off any appliance that has been accidentally left powered on via the Simple Home App using your existing Wi-Fi network (NO HUB NEEDED). Power your devices from anywhere in the world. Access and control your entire home with multiple smart Wi-Fi wall outlets.

Mota "Jet Jat Ultra" drone
Tiny drone (the size of the palm of your hand) that you live stream from your phone.

Sony "h.ear" HiRes Bluetooth headphones
Sony Bluetooth HiRes headphones allows you to listen wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth audio devices and control your music with a Touch sensor control panel. It also features NFC easy connect for quick Bluetooth pairing.

WakaWaka Power Solar Portable Charger
WakaWaka Power solar charger allows you to charge up to one USB mobile device using solar power and also has a convenient built in flashlight.

Seek Thermal CompactXR: infrared camera app for iPhone
Seek Thermal infrared camera for iPhone allows you to take high-resolution thermal images with a 32-degree field of view on your iPhone.

Allie 360-degree camcorder with VR headset
Capture 360x360 degree content on a small camera. Then save them to the cloud and watch them either on the ALLie app or an immersive VR headset.

VidBox" video tape transfer device
VIDBOX Inc. specializes in developing and distributing consumer video and audio transfer products and other consumer technology products. Their goal is to develop products for the mass market by making them easy to use, designing the products and packaging so that it “says what it does, and does what it says”.

Orbit” key fob and app iPhone and key finder
You attach the tiny Bluetooth device to your keys or valuables and are able to find them through the free app. It also works as a camera and will take selfies.