O’Hare workers strike on Tuesday to call for $15 minimum wage, union rights

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CHICAGO -- Tuesday could be a tough day for travelers at O’Hare, as workers there are going on strike as part of a national day of disruptions planned to call for a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

The one-day strike was scheduled around the busy Thanksgiving travel season to limit the inconvenience experienced by air travelers, but it's still meant to be disruptive as workers start to walk off the job. Strikes are planned at 19 other airports across the country.

O'Hare and airline officials expect minimal disruptions as they plan to continue business as usual while respecting the rights of workers to have their say.

But Chicago is the only city where baggage handlers, janitors, wheelchair attendants and other non-unionized workers employed by airport contractors are walking out to protest what they say is retaliation for trying to unionize.

Travelers adapted after word of the demonstration spread fast among frequent flyers, especially when the SEIU made the call to keep the one-day walkout away from Thanksgiving, confining it to what’s generally considered a travel lull.


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