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Chicago politicians focus on poverty to help curb violence

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CHICAGO -- Congressman Danny Davis joined Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, and Reverend Jesse Jackson among others in the wake of the shooting death of Davis' 15-year-old grandson.

Javon Wilson was shot and killed on November 18th in his Englewood home, in what police say was a fight over gym shoes.

His grandfather, Congressman Davis, convened a group of federal, state and local lawmakers this morning at Chicago city hall to talk about how best to tackle gun violence.

Davis says while there is no single answer, he believes tackling poverty is at the core of that fight and proposed a new concept to bring resources into the poorest areas of Chicago.

He wants to allocate 10 percent of resources to areas where 20 percent of the population has lived below the federal poverty level for 30 years or more.

Some critics questioned leaders over the billions of federal, state and local dollars that already are allocated for investment in poverty stricken urban areas.

Officials say it doesn't require additional funding, just refocusing existing funds in these poverty stricken communities.

U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina is the founder of the 10-20-30 concept.

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