Midday Fix: Ashlee Piper’s tips for giving back this holiday season

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Ashlee Piper


Ashlee's Ideas:

Crafts for the Cats:
Reuse bottle corks by making fun toys for homeless cats at the Anti-Cruelty Society if you're in Chicago, or Orphans of the Storm in you're in Deerfield (847-945-0235). It’s a great way to keep sipping and reuse something you’d otherwise throw away for a good cause.

Care Packages for the Homeless:
We all have travel toiletries and old purses/dopp kits kicking around that we don’t really use. Bring your friends together, stuff bags with toiletries, clean socks and undershirts, snacks and other treats to pass out to Chicago’s homeless. Making and passing these out is an especially awesome way to get kids to appreciate the bounty of the season. You can pass these out anywhere you know homeless congregate, or call Catholic Charities of the YMCA to determine when might be an appropriate time to drop off.

Secret Santa for Misericordia:
Create fun Secret Santa gifts for kids and adults at Misericordia who have no family members to participate. You can call 773-273-4161 for a wish list, assign a few lists to party attendees, and get together to wrap the gifts with special messages and then deliver to Misericordia.

Cards and Cookies for Seniors:
We’re used to the annual cookie swap, but always pay for it with our waistlines and food comas. This year, enjoy the baking and sampling, while creating a special treat for lonely seniors that says “you matter.” Thoughtful messages in cards and a tin of cookies delivered to seniors brightens their day and still affords everyone a fun and meaningful time with loved ones. You can bring these items to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly by calling first at 312-455-1000.