Chicago Ald. Brookins seriously injured after squirrel gets caught in his bike spokes

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CHICAGO — Chicago South Side Alderman Howard Brookins Jr. is recovering after a “freak bicycle accident.”

The 21st Ward alderman was biking along the Cal-Sag Trail on Sunday, November 13 when a squirrel became trapped in the spokes of his bicycle, sending him sailing headfirst over the handlebar, according to

Brookins has undergone several surgeries to his face and upper body in the last week.

He returned home from the hospital Thursday.

The alderman posted about his accident Sunday morning to Facebook with a photo of the squirrel stuck in the front wheel of the bicycle. In the post, he starts out by saying: “I am sorry to report that I will be unable to attend any Ward or neighborhood events for the near future as I was seriously injured in a freak bicycle accident.”