Check out the newest toys for this holiday season!

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PlayCHIC Fashion Show- The PlayCHIC Fashion Show, the style-savvy jewel in the crown of Chicago Toy & Game Week, combines fashion and the hottest toy brands on Friday (November 18, 2016) in the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom at 8:30 p.m. Haute couture looks inspired by some of today’s hottest toy and game brands will be featured on the runway. PlayCHIC will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ultimate party game—Twister—with a groovy, outta sight look, and will feature toy-inspired looks from popular Orbeez, Pom Pom Wow and Mabel’s Labels brands!


Tech Toys: Spin Master Zoomer Chimp, Beasts of Balance


Spin Master Zoomer Chimp

Description: Go bananas over Zoomer Chimp! This lifelike primate knows over 100 tricks and voice commands! He balances and moves like a real chimp — upright or on all fours. This unpredictable chimp has real facial expressions complete with light-up eyes so you know how he feels. Ask him how he’s feeling and he’ll show you! He even knows some awesome dance moves, and has a pretty cheeky personality. Zoomer Chimp is untamed fun!

Ages: 5+

SRP: $91.00


Beasts of Balance

Beasts of Balance is a game of strategy and skill that combines a fun tabletop format with an interactive, connected app where you can watch your stacked up beasts come to life! The game is easy as Select, Stack and Strategize. Pick an Artefact, i.e. beast, touch it to the Pilth and stack it on the play-base. As you add connector pieces, you'll watch your beasts evolve into new creatures through the Bluetooth-enabled app on your iOS or Android tablet. But be careful! If you knock down the tower, it's game over.

Ages: 7+

SRP: $99



Ride-On: Razor T3 Jr.


Razor Jr. T3

Description: The Only Three-wheeler You’ll Ever Need! Spark a love for riding that lasts a lifetime with the Razor Jr. T3. Easy to turn and hard to tip over, the T3 is the perfect introduction to the world of Razor scooters, with a patent-pending three-wheel design that helps young riders build core balance and riding skills. It’s a first ride they’ll never forget and hate to give up.

Ages: 3+

MSRP: $49.99


Educational, STEM: Uncle Milton Death Star Electronics Lab, Magformers Walking Robot


Uncle Milton Death Star Electronics Lab

Description: Construct real electronic circuits inside the Death Star as you activate authentic light and sound effects from Star Wars movies! Complete over 20 experiments with more than 70 components as you try to make all the functions of the Death Star fully operational like activating the super laser, initiating the tractor beam, triggering the Death Star battle alarm and even powering Darth Vader’s breathing machine! It’s both fun play and real STEM learning. You can even display the light-up Death Star on your wall!


  • The real circuit lab includes over 20 experiments using more than 70 components for hours of fun play and real STEM learning.
  • Authentic Death Star design lights-up and makes a great display on your wall for fans of all ages.
  • Includes activity guide with full color diagrams for each experiment and educational learning on the different functions of real world electronic components.


Ages: 8+

SRP: $49.99


Magformers Walking Robot

Click, connect, create! Kids will love following along with the step-by-step idea booklet to discover the possibilities of the Walking Robot Set. Build 8 walking characters using the S.T.E.A.M engine block and walking accessories. Let your imagination run wild as you discover the strength of MAGFORMERS® and see what you can create! S.T.E.M. education has never been so much fun!

Ages: 3+

SRP: $99.99



Arts & Crafts: Maya Toys’ Orbeez, Educational Insights Playfoam


Maya Toys Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio

Description: Grow! Crush! Create! A whole new way to craft and play with Orbeez! Create and decorate delicious looking pretend treats with crushed Orbeez. Select your color from the Crushing Station and crush over 100 Orbeez at once. The icing bag makes it easy to fill your favorite sweets with your crushed Orbeez. Sweet Treats Studio includes: Crushing wall, 2-Layer Cake, 2 Cupcakes, 2 “Cookie Cutters”, 2 Icing bags with 2 different size nozzles and 1,800 Orbeez in 6 colors.

Ages: 5+

SRP: $24.99







Educational Insights PlayFoam Go!


  • Squishy squashy fun on the go!
  • No Mess Playfoam can be played with again & again
  • Never dries out
  • Secret no stick formula
  • Comes in one organized, travel-ready case for shaping and sculpting on the go, in the car, on the plane or anywhere it’s time to have fun
  • Comes with 8 different colors
  • Inside lid has four built-in shape molds (star, square, triangle, circle)
  • Inspires imaginative and creative play
  • Supports sensory and tactile development
  • Non-toxic

Ages: 3+

SRP: $14.99


Games: Goliath Googly Eyes


Goliath Googly Eyes

Description: Googly Eyes is the hilarious family game that challenges your vision and leaves you googling for more! Put on the zany, vision-altering google eye glasses and start to draw while your team tries to guess what you’re drawing. Is that an igloo or a turtle? A birthday cake or a fortress? Players take turns drawing and guessing, so everyone gets a chance to wear the glasses. The glasses come with three sets of lenses that range from mild changes to mind-blowing fun, so no one can see (or draw) straight–your vision will bounce off of the lenses. Googly Eyes is a fun twist on classic drawing games that lets players of different ages and skill levels compete on equal terms, since the goggles make it fun and challenging for everyone. Unlike any other drawing game you don’t need to be an artist, and the rules are simple. Just roll the die and move–the space you land on tells you which color lenses to use (easy, medium, or hard). Then pick a card, set the timer, and start drawing. If your team guesses correctly you get to roll and move again; if not, then you stay where you are on the board. The first team to reach Finish wins.

Ages: 7+

SRP: $19.99


Imaginative Play: PlayMonster My Fairy Garden


Play Monster My Fairy Garden: “Freya’s Magical Garden”

Description: An adorable flower pot that’s a welcoming fairy home where Freya entertains friends and tends to her garden! The set includes everything needed to set up a play area: flowerpot cottage with opening doors and terrace, tray, cottage furniture, rooftop trim, toadstool, Freya the fairy, her chipmunk friend Hazel, and gardening accessories and tools. Also included are soil and quick-germinating seeds to get your garden started! Children can add other flowers or plants if they want, too! It’s a fun growing and play set!

Ages: 4+

SRP: $24.99-$29.99

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