Teens charged in murder of Congressman’s grandson

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CHICAGO -- Two teenagers are facing first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of Congressman Danny Davis' 15-year-old grandson.

The 16-year-old male and 17-year-old female will appear in bond court on Sunday, each faces one felony count of first-degree murder.

Police say they shot and killed 15-year-old Jovan Wilson at his home on the South Side Friday night.

Wilson was at home in Englewood around 6:45 p.m., when the boy and  girl entered and started fighting with Wilson.  Davis says the boy shot Wilson in the head.

"I guess I always knew that the possibility existed that it could happen close to me," said Davis.  "I thought it was so unfortunate, because Jovan had just reached a point, 15, his grades had improved in school, his father had just told me about how proud of him he was because he was catching on and realizing that all of his life was in front of him."

Police believe Wilson knew the attackers and that the shooting started after a dispute over a pair of gym shoes.

"I'm very sad and I'm very hurt right now," said Wilson's father Stacey Wilson. "It's going to take me some time to grieve. I also have other children. I need to be strong for them as well. Right now they're missing their brother and they're taking it very hard."

Congressman Davis said this is another example of a teen with a gun that he never should have had, "we ask what could have prevented this tragedy? Could it have been better education? More supervised recreational activity? Better parenting? More engagement with others as one is growing up and learning? Answers that we can't directly know, but I do know that I grieve for my family. I grieve for the young man who pulled the trigger. I grieve for his family, his parents, his friends."

Community leaders and activists gathered in Englewood on Saturday saying everyone needs to come together to put an end to the violence plaguing Chicago.

"The police, the community, the businessmen, the preachers, somebody from every walk of life should sit in a room and come up with an idea on how to stop some of this senseless violence," said Darryl Smith, spokesman for the Englewood Political Task Force.

"We're losing children at a record that's just astonishing," said Smith. "We will not have anyone to take care of us when we get older. All of our children are going before us."

Jovan Wilson was a sophomore at Perspectives High School.

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