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Yes, you can make delicious greens all by yourself… without the designer delivery fee

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Grandmothers have been making greens for centuries. Proof that you don't need to order $66 greens from that fancy department store. Here are some tips and a great recipe from friend of the Morning News, Chef Julius.


Look to balance with what taste profile enhances the dish

Use a sweet component to offset the bitterness of some greens

Smoke is a great compliment to greens (turkey neck or legs)

Use a stock in place of water for greens, it easily adds taste without too much salt

*Don’t let anyone bring greens to holiday dinner without tasting them at a “non-family” function


Chef Julius’ Greens with Smoked Turkey (Casual Version)
2-3lbs of greens (your choice) I blend turnip & mustard
1 smoked turkey leg or 1.5lbs of turkey necks (turkey tails or wings don’t work for this)
1 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc Wine
2 cups water
4-5 cups chicken or turkey stock
½ cup Asian Chili Garlic Sauce
½ cup brown sugar (raw sugar is what I use)
Chef Julius’ Salt, Pepper and Creole Dust
3TB apple cider vinegar or pickle juice
3-4oz sun-dried tomatoes
****If You don’t have my seasonings, use (2 packs/4oz) of your favorite store brand greens seasoning
Use a large stockpot and add the wine, water plus the turkey product
Place on medium-low/medium heat until the turkey becomes tender and break apart easy
After the turkey is tender, add the stock and the greens
Press the greens down to fit in the pot and add the dry seasonings
Cook for at least one hour
Taste the broth and add the wet seasonings and sun-dried tomatoes
Continue to cook until greens reach the desired tenderness
Taste and adjust seasonings…Serve Hot with classic comfort food

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