White Sox send another ACE class to college

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CHICAGO - It's one of the better days of the White Sox offseason.

College signing day for the Sox Amateur City Elite baseball players not only offers kids growing up in the inner city a chance to play ball at the next level, but also a shot at a better life.

"I'd say it's a lifesaver, taking me off the streets of Chicago," noted Tavion Towers, a future Claflin University Panther.

"When you hear that, as I even said it back just now, chills went through my body," remarked White Sox Vice President Kenny Williams. "It puts some things in perspective at a time when there's a lot going on in the city that we want to try to change, want to try to correct. This is one of the things, along with some other things, that are really going on in the city that are of a positive nature. We've got to start highlighting, to a greater degree, things that are going on in the city that are positive so they become the greater influence than the negative."

Since 2007, the ACE program has put more than 130 student athletes into college.

Eighteen of those student athletes have been picked in the MLB draft, most recently Corey Ray, who went fifth overall to the Milwaukee Brewers.