Turn-in programs get guns off the streets

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CHICAGO -- The Chicago Police Department hosted a gun turn-in program at St. Agnes of Bohemia in Little Village Saturday, hoping to help stop the violence plaguing Chicago by getting guns off the streets.

Four guns were turned in during the first half-hour of the event, and police say two were the caliber they see most often on the streets. They say with even one gun turned in, it's "win-win" for the community.

Parish priest Father Tom Boharic says these programs keep neighborhoods safe.

"What's great about this program is that it we offer it for the community, there's no questions asked," Boharic said. "Whether you have it legally or illegally, we just want to get the guns off the streets."

There were no questions asked. Anyone who turned in a gun received a $100 gift card. Father Tom says it's important to come together and fight the violence as a community.

"Right now in Chicago, our numbers have gone up and we get frustrated if we are working with gangs...we see the effects of violence, no matter who you are, what race you are, we all have to respect each other, respect our dignity," he said.

The gun turn-in program comes on the heels of Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson saying Friday: enough if enough.

"We simply won't tolerate the violence that's going on in our city right now. We will continue this effort throughout the weekend, you'll notice police officers on the streets, we will send a clear message that we simply won't tolerate it," Johnson said.

Chicago police will be hosting another gun turn-in event next Saturday at the Uptown Baptist Church in on Wilson.