Pros share 5 cutting-edge makeup tips, from 3-D printed nails to winter colors

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CHICAGO -- From eye-catching to subdued, The Makeup Show Chicago has something for everyone. And although the largest such event in the country is for professional artists only, we got the inside scoop on the latest trends in makeup and skincare:

1.  Cleanse with skin masks

"Masks are the secret, we use these Korean sheet masks from MustaeV on every client," said celebrity Makeup Artist James Vincent, who has worked with hundreds of celebrities including Lady Gaga.

2. Get rid of dead skin with cutting-edge tools

DermaFlash, another one of Vincent's favorite products, was invented here in Chicago.

 "It will remove the dead skin and all of those fine hairs that a lot of makeup wearers tend to get on their face," Vincent said.
3. Winter-appropriate colors
For makeup, James loves the color Rose Gold as winter begins.
"It works from the lightest to the darkest skin, and you just bring it right up the cheek bone and go back in with your finger," Vincent said.
4. Makeup tips for men
For men, James likes translucent powder to take away shine, whether you're taking a selfie or have an important meeting.
"Brush again, only through the T-zone; it's just going to let the skin look its best because I'm getting rid of all that oil and shine, and people are just seeing your skin looking healthy," Vincent said.
5. Machine-made nails
Also featured at the show: 3-D printed press-on nails created by a Loyola student and now sold nationwide. "You can re-use them, you can paint them, and you can reshape them as well," said Static Nails' Alexis Irene.