Bulls’ Jimmy Butler doesn’t believe in statistics

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CHICAGO - The Bulls have won all five games they led after one quarter and lost the other four, in which they were trailing twelve minutes in.

It's by no means a foregone conclusion that you'll know who's going to win when the first quarter ends, but it's still a telling statistic.

Unless you're Jimmy Butler.

"Nah. I don't believe in statistics. I don't think many people do," noted Butler. "If you start off the way you're supposed to play then you'll be fine, but we can't start off lackadaisical. We don't want to dig ourselves a hole. If we do, we can still outscore the opposing team the rest of the game."

A reasonable explanation with a seemingly harmless opening statement, although when pressed further, Butler stood firm on his non-belief in statistics.

"You can say you can shoot this percentage and do this and do that, but it's just all numbers. I think players go out there and defy those numbers and still win games."

Butler clarified his opinion, explaining that when coaches give him statistical breakdowns he doesn't roll his eyes because they are indeed facts.

However, he believes their importance dwindles when it comes to actually playing game.

"Statistics don't make a player any better or any less better of a player. I just think that stats are just that. They're just numbers. Players are going to go out there and do what they do and help their organization win games."

So if stats are arbitrary, how should the media evaluate players?

"I don't know. That's not my job. My job is to go out there and play basketball. I'm not the one sitting at the computer doing all the stats."