Elementary school janitor surprises students everyday with rug art designs

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BEDFORD, N.H. — A 60 year old janitor at a elementary school has turned his janitorial duties into precious art work for the school children.

Ron Munsey, a janitor at Peter Woodbury School in Bedford, New Hampshire, has started a tradition that truly gets the kids excited.

Every night while he does his rounds, Munsey vacuums playful designs into the schools rugs. His designs so far have included Charlie Brown and the White House.

“I figured it would be a relaxing job,” Munsey  told Inside Edition. “I was vacuuming one day, we got a couple new rugs, and I thought, ‘You can do a lot with this.'”

Munsey, a baseball fan and a avid Red Sox supporter, said he was inspired by the designs mowed into the grass of his favorite baseball stadium, so he decided to vacuum his own creations into the classroom rugs.

Even though Munsey’s creations are gone within the first hour of the school day, he enjoys bringing smiles to teachers and students every morning.

“One of the teachers said all the kids come in every day, and they say, ‘Wow, look at the rugs,'” Munsey said. “I met a parent yesterday and they actually said thank you. Her daughter talks about it every day when she comes home.