Election season’s viral star Ken Bone casts his ballot

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SHILOH, Ill. — Ken Bone has voted, but he’s not revealing his choice for president.

The mustachioed, IZOD red sweater-wearing Bone became an internet sensation after the second presidential debate. The Belleville News-Democrat reports Bone stood in line about 30 minutes Tuesday morning to vote at a church in the village of Shiloh, Illinois.

Bone did several interviews while in line to vote, including one with a Canadian radio station and another with the BBC. He wasn’t wearing his red sweater, opting instead for a blue vest over a gray shirt.

He says he’s keeping his choice private because he’d rather emphasize the importance of getting to the polls.

Meanwhile, IZOD is running a spot called “Ken Bone’s Fifteenth Minute” in which Bone encourages people to “get out and vote. Get out and make your voice heard. It’s all about being part of the political process.”

IZOD is promoting the hashtag #MyVote2016 on Twitter that also features a emoji of Bone in his famous red sweater.