Company offering personalized 3D Wrigley statues

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They are the greats who welcome visitors to the storied Wrigley Field.  Ernie Banks, Harry Caray, Ron Santo and Billy Williams are the guardians of Cubs history who draw scores of visitors during the season. And now you can become one of them - on a much smaller scale.

Julie Friedman-Steele is the founder and CEO of the 3D Printer Experience, and like many, a lifelong Cubs fan.

“I had been to the Cubs games many times. I actually sang the National Anthem there as a kid and I remember going and seeing all the statues out there,” she says.

Now she helping other fans become the baseball great of their dreams in a printed 3D model.

“We wanted to turn people into those statues that are outside of Wrigley Field,”  Friedman-Steele says.  “When somebody comes in, we put them on a rotating platform and while they’re rotating 360-degrees we’re doing a scan of them.  You take the file of 3D scan and we clean it up a little because there’s always a little bit of errors in there, then we get it ready for print.”

In a handful of minutes, in the basement of the very unique Chicago store an industrial grade printer will bring the Cubs bust to life.

When completed, pieces are brushed and blown clean, Cub fan statues are done in color and cured over a longer period of time and just the tip of what the location does on a daily basis.

The 3D Printing Experience is a one of its kind facility and was designed to help businesses and individuals reach beyond traditional thinking.  It brings their own ideas to life with the assistance of some of the top 3D modelers in the country - everything from medical equipment to cell phone accessory design.

Everything is customized from your love of the Cubs to the most innovative product ideas.


3D Printer Experience

333 N. LaSalle St.


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