After a lifetime of waiting, Cubs fans are not ready for ‘the dream to end’

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MERRIONETTE PARK, Il. -- The celebration of the century continues, and this time it’s South Siders throwing a party for the World Series champion Chicago Cubs.

At 115 Bourbon St., a popular restaurant and bar, Cubs fans couldn’t resist one final party to commemorate the season and roast the curse of the goat- with roasted goat on the menu.

“Basically, they said they wanted to finish off the curse, and they’re Greek, so they wanted to come here and finish it off,” said co-owner Nick Dinovo.

Cook Spyros Maropakis spent three and a half hours roasting away a century’s worth of frustration.

“A Greek guy give the curse – and a Greek guy take out the curse, you know.  It happen today,” Maropakis said.

Cubs fans have been in perpetual party mode from the final out of Game Seven of the World Series, from the Wrigleyville street parties, to the historic parade downtown and massive rally in Grant Park.

“It’s surreal to me. It’s everything I waited for in my life,” said Cubs fan John Hickey.

Hickey was not only at the parade – he was in the parade. And he got to cradle the Commissioner’s Trophy in Wrigley Field.

“I was almost scared… I’m still waiting for the dream to end,” Hickey said.

There was one more swipe at the goat the bedeviled the Cubs for so long; this time the ending was sweet, and they’re not ready to let the party end.

“I think we’re going to keep partying no matter what – like all year. I mean how could you not? We waited so long,” said fan Emily Bohanek.

The Cubs themselves have been having fun. A few went to Disney World, others were on Saturday Night Live, and the fans will continue to roast the goat, and toast the team.