‘I’m sorry for what I did’: Cubs fan who heckled Steve Bartman apologizes

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In 2003, Steve Bartman became the most hated man in Chicago after attempting to catch a foul ball that would end up turning the tides in a National League Championship Series.

With the Cubs leading against the Florida Marlins 3-0, Bartman, and then Cubs left fielder Moisés Alou, clashed when Bartman deflected a foul ball Alou was clearly trying to catch.

If Alou had caught the ball, the Cubs would have been just four outs from winning the National League pennant since 1945. However the Cubs would go on to lose that game and the series.

Jim Cuthbert, a Cubs fan from the suburbs, was at 'that' game and confronted Bartman and had some words for him.

Cuthbert, a Cubs fan from the suburbs, was featured in the Alex Gibney's 2011 ESPN documentary called "Catching Hell" about the Cubs' playoff loss to the Marlins -- which eventually sent Bartman into hiding.

Cuthbert joined WGN Morning News on Thursday to talk about that infamous day and the ESPN documentary.

"I feel bad for him," he told WGN. "In the documentary, I was there for 45 minutes and they took a two-minute clip. Part of the discussion that didn't make the film was me saying I feel sorry for the guy."

Cuthbert let it be known that he doesn't think the blame should have been placed all on Bartman. He said Dusty Baker, and a lot of other intangibles, played a big part in the loss. He also said he hopes everyone can now let the incident go.

"I am just hoping we can officially put this incident behind us," Cuthbert said.

He ended his interview by inviting Bartman to his house to have a couple of beers, and by saying sorry for what he did.

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