Jake ‘The Snake’ has a message for Jake Arrieta and it’s pretty epic

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“A snake can smell fear.”

And with that, we may have our most unlikely yet effective Cubs hype video yet.

Pro wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts has a message for Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake “The Snake” Arrieta.

“The day has come. The time has come. The moment…is here.”

Jake The Snake also pleads to the Cubs as a whole:

“You see, it’s time to get serious .. You know why? Because it’s been too damn long. Cubbies, stand! Unite! It’s time to get this thing done. You bring ’em up, I’ll sit ’em down.”

The video was posted to fellow wrestler’s Diamond Dallas Page’s YouTube Channel.

Jake The Snake continues, “Strike out?  No way.  Strike fear?  You bet.”

Seems a new, very distinctive voice has emerged for the Cubs nation.

“Time to turn this game inside out.  Because Jake the Snake said so.  And you can always trust a snake.”

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