9 things superstitious Cubs fans do to help their team

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CHICAGO – Many Cubs fans have their own unique ways of trying to bring the W to their beloved team. Here are just a few that we discovered among the Cubbie faithful in Wrigley and through social media. Have one to add? Leave a comment below!

1. Clothes

Wear a lucky jersey. Don’t wear an unlucky one. And don’t wash either. The playoffs aren't exactly the "cleanest" time of year.

2. Blowing up the Bartman Ball

Grant DePorter has catalogued many of the Cubs curses- including the ball caught in the notorious "Bartman incident." Except he blew that one up.

3. Watch how you sit

Whether it’s a lucky chair or even a specific posture, sometimes how you watch the game is as important as where you watch it.

4. Say a little prayer

It's unclear whether any deities actually care about the outcome of a sporting event, but it can't hurt.

5. Flying the "W"

While some are superstitious about NOT flying the "W" flag unless the Cubs wins, nothing feels better than bringing it out when they come out on top.

6. You are what you eat

Some fans cook the same foods they'd have in the ballpark - hot dogs, peanuts, and cracker jacks - and eat them at home. And then there's all the beer, which can also double as a stress reliever. Just watch out for #8 below.

7. Lucky stuffed animals, gloves, and other totems

Whether they're on the couch or in the stands, some fans have been bringing the same stuffed animals, mitts, or ashes of long-lost relatives with them to try and bring a "W."

8. Timely bathroom runs

Some fans say they wait to go to the bathroom until the other team is batting. Or they hold it the whole game. That second one is kind of worrying, but either way, maybe monitor your fluids?

9. Power moves

Then there are the things you only do when the Cubs are behind, and need that extra boost of positive energy. Some pray, some turn their hats inside out, but no matter what you do, know that there are hundreds of other fans out there trying to make a difference too.

We can't all be crazy, right? GO CUBS!


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