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Cubs fans savor being part of World Series history – win or lose

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CHICAGO -- It's the day before Halloween and Cubs fans, some in costume, spent Sunday morning analyzing the team, and wondering what's not working, as they face elimination Sunday night.

Ticket prices for Sunday’s game even dropped to about 50% less than they were on Saturday as fan nervousness decreases demand.

Chuck Evans is a longtime Cubs fan who has been waiting tables at the Melrose Diner in East Lakeview for 16 years.

"They got to them the first inning and that was it." Chuck said about the Cubs game on Saturday. "I just thought the Cubs players were stressing a little bit trying too hard they weren’t relaxed like they have been all year."

These are tense times for Cubs and Cleveland fans alike.

"This series isn't over yet and I’ve seen a team come back from 3-1 to win it so I'm as nervous now as I was before the series started," Cleveland fan Ryan Steinbrunner said.

Much of the appeal for fans is the new memories they make just being near Wrigley Field. One said he was given a World Series ticket by a company doing a promotion and he went to the game for free –and just being in the city is something he’ll never forget.

Ryan Lybarger said he and a friend drove from Omaha to be in Chicago.

“We've got to go to be in the atmosphere even if we don't get in the game we've got to be here,” Lybarger said.

One fan said he even flew to Chicago from Nepal.

“You're in the Himalayas thinking to yourself, ‘is this going to happen?’ then you get here it's surreal,” Jason Jocson said.

Win or lose, now we’re all now a part of World Series history.