Beware of scary roads when Halloween meets the World Series in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- Illinois state police will be out in full force this weekend to help keep people safe on the roads.

Halloween is already a big party weekend but when you add to that the World Series, you can expect a lot of people out drinking and celebrating.

Last week, 300,000 fans took to the Wrigleyville streets and this weekend, police are expecting even more fans in the area.

State police will be out conducting roadside safety checks and will also have roving patrols.

If you’ll be out celebrating, be sure to designate a driver, use public transportation or a taxi or rideshare.

Uber is expecting high ridership throughout the weekend, so be prepared for surge pricing and check the price before you accept the ride.

If you are choosing rideshare, Uber wants to remind riders to check the driver’s information on your phone so you get in the right car and you can also send your trip status to friends or family.

More information:

CTA weekend schedules:

METRA weekend schedules:


Uber recently teamed up with law enforcement to build a series of tips for riders:

Request Your Ride Inside

When the party’s over, there’s no need to hang curbside. You can choose to wait safely indoors while keeping an eye on your app for your driver to arrive.

Know Your Uber, Avoid Scams

When your trip request is accepted, you are given the driver’s name, photo and license plate number in your app. Before you get in the car, check the license plate number and look in the window to make sure the driver matches the photo. When you open the door, ask he or she for their name. Always remember Uber rides can only be requested through the app. There are no street hails with Uber, so never accept solicitations from individuals claiming to be Uber. You won’t know who is behind the wheel and neither will anyone else.
Be a Backseat Rider
When riding alone, choose to sit in the backseat. This ensures you have the option of exiting either side of the vehicle after it safely stops to avoid moving traffic and gives you and your driver some personal space.

Share Your Trip Details
While en route, you can not only monitor your own trip in your app but also share your trip details with friends and family. Simply tap the “Share My Trip” button to immediately send your driver’s name, photo, vehicle, and where you are on the map to a friend or family member, so they know when you’ve safely arrived. They don’t even need to download the app to track your trip!

Protect your Personal Information
As you would anywhere, be cautious when sharing any personal information. There is no need to share your phone number or personal contact details. Remember, riders and drivers’ phone numbers are hidden when they communicate via the Uber app to protect everyone’s privacy. Additionally, you don’t have to enter your exact residential address in the app for pick-up or drop-off- just add cross streets nearby or use the pin and set it to a streetcorner.

Be Kind and Respectful
Please treat your driver as you would want to be treated. Be respectful of his or her personal vehicle. Our community guidelines apply to both riders and drivers.

Give Feedback
Your feedback helps us improve the Uber experience for everyone, maintain a high quality service and provide accountability. Our 24/7 global support team reviews this feedback and will follow up with appropriate action regarding reports of conduct that violates our community guidelines.

Plan Ahead

Take time to review the safety features available to you in the app before you head out with friends, so you know how to use them. It’s easy and quick. Before you request a ride, know where your destination is and choose a friend or family member whom you can share your trip details with later.

Follow your Intuition
Trust your instincts and use your best judgement when using the Uber app. Be aware of your surroundings. And if you ever feel you’re in an emergency situation, always call 911 immediately.




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