Private jet to Cleveland? For some Cubs fans, it’s the way to go

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WHEELING, Ill. -- For some Cubs fans, getting to the game is half the fun.

N-Jet Charter planes are available at the Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, and Cubs fans are taking advantage.

“It’s perfect. I think it’s ideal, and lifelong Cubs fans -- we’ll do anything!” said Mike Crance.

“Our customers going to Cleveland today are going, hopping off into a limo and on their way to the stadium," said N-Jet Charter CFO Brad Comm.

They’ll sit in luxury and won’t have to worry about driving nearly six hours, or dealing with TSA or even booking a hotel. They’ll be home tonight.

And for fans who got last minute tickets to the game, a private jet was their best option.

"This is the only way to get there," said Cubs fan Mike Theriault. "Commercial flights are booked, not a lot of open seats. So a bunch of us, we pooled our money together to pop in for the game."

Greg Bradley says his charter is about $6,000, and he’s splitting it between 10 friends.

"The crazy thing is it cost less to charter the plane, the whole plane, than one ticket to the game. Isn’t that nuts?” Bradley said.

But fans are ready to shell out and go big, all to see their Cubbies play in the World Series.

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