WGN reporter sits down with Mel Gibson for first time since 2010 viral interview

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Some of you may recall an interview WGN's Dean Richards did with actor and director Mel Gibson back in 2010.

The interview went viral and worldwide, but for all the wrong reasons.

The conversation between the two was pleasant, until Richards asked Gibson a question that he apparently did not like. At the end of the interview, the actor could then be heard muttering "a--hole" before the satellite feed cut out.

Richards and Gibson have not had the opportunity to speak since , but all that changed Sunday when Richards sat down with him to talk about his new movie, "Hacksaw Ridge."

On WGN Morning News Monday, Richards talked about the encounter and said, "I walked into the room, greeted him (Gibson) and Andrew Garfield, the star of the new film he (Gibson) directed, "Hacksaw Ridge." As we shook hands, he gave me a long stare, squeezed my hand, and then we had a very pleasant conversation."

Watch Dean's first interview with Mel Gibson since 2010 in the video player above

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