Woman faces fine for ‘Flying the W’ at Chicago condo building

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CHICAGO -- As everyone knows, the Cubs "Fly the W" every time they win. Well, WGN found someone who has to pay fines if she does the same at her condo, and she's willing to do it even if the Cubs go all the way.

Lisa Ward, who lives in a West Loop condo building, received an email Monday. It said her "Flying of the W" off her balcony violates two rules of the Condo owner's association:

Rule 6: Hanging of clothes, clotheslines, rugs, bedding, etc. on balconies is prohibited.

Rule 9: No advertisements or notices are to be displayed from decks and balconies.

The email went on to threaten fines if the flag wasn't taken down. Ward believes a neighbor, not feeling the Cubs spirit, complained, leading to the email from the management company.

Her first instinct was to ignore the email but instead replied:

"It has been 71 years since the Cubs went to the World Series. And 108 years since they won it. With all due respect to whichever homeowner or board member has nothing better to do than complain about issues that ARE NOT HURTING ANYONE, we are going to keep on #FyingTheW after each win, for as long as this goes."

She's vowed to pay the fine, up to $250, so she and her husband, who are Cubs season ticket holders, can continue their playoff tradition.

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