Chicago drivers seeing more boots, but fewer parking tickets

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CHICAGO — Drivers in Chicago are seeing more boots on their cars, even though they’re seeing fewer parking tickets.

The Sun-Times reports booted cars are up 10 percent so far this year.

That’s about 500 more per month.

Drivers who are affected the most live in neighborhoods that are predominantly African American.

The booting fee was raised from $60 to $100 last year.

The good news for drivers is that they are not getting as many parking tickets.The number of parking tickets issued through July 31 was down 5 percent, compared to last year.

City Comptroller Erin Keane was asked about the reasons for that, on Monday, during city budget hearings.

“Some of them are personnel factors, which we’re working on with the budget office and the absenteeism task force. We’re working to try to get people back to work, and make sure that they’re working a full day writing tickets,” Keane said. “We also are starting to increase enforcement. We’ve added parking enforcement aides on the weekends. We just started about three weeks ago. I think we’re going to see some great success with that because we’re targeting areas where businesses are impacted the most and residents are impacted the most because people are parking there when they don’t have the stickers they should and they’re violating the meters.”

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