Bleacher Preacher heading back to Wrigley thanks to kindness of strangers

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CHICAGO -- For decades we’ve known him as the Bleacher Preacher of Wrigley Field, a renowned fan who was known by the likes of Jack Brickhouse and Harry Caray back in the day.

He’s been a Cubs fan since he was a kid, and going to games since 1945.

“My brother and I used to clean the ballpark to get in with free tickets,” he said. Over the years he and his brother went to lots of games, through the ups and downs, but as he nears 80, money’s tighter and tickets are harder to come by.

When our own Amy Rutledge shared the story of Jerry’s passion for the Cubs last week, he spoke about how he still loved the team but couldn’t afford tickets to a postseason game.

“I didn’t think anything would come of it and sure enough,” Jerry said, “I got a call from the owners of the Gilbert Sausage Company,” he said. “They answered my prayer… even though I don’t remember praying,” Jerry said.

Gilbert’s owners offered Jerry their own seats to the game. So now his jersey, his hat, even his ten Cub-mandments sport a grateful thank you to the Gilbert’s owners.

He said he’s giving the other ticket to his older brother, who he used to go with as kid.

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