Young Cubs fan appeals to MLB commissioner to start playoff games earlier

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PLAINFIELD, Ill. – Whenever Cubs games start a little late, there can be a few problems.

Lack of sleep is to be expected, especially when Cubs playoff games go into extra innings as it did on Thursday night. But for some young fans, the late starts prevent them from even seeing the game at all.

That is the case for 8-year-old Lily Klosowski of suburban Plainfield, who couldn’t watch the last two Cubs’ games due to the late start. The big fan doesn’t want to miss anymore games as the team attempts to end their 108-year World Series drought so she decided to appeal to a higher power.

On Tuesday night after school she wrote this letter to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred in hopes that he would give the Cubs an earlier start time so she could see the games. It was posted by her parents Scott and Holly Klosowski of Plainfield to Facebook:


Image used with permission via Facebook

This is what it says if you can’t make it out:

“I really love watching the Cubs games. But I have to go to bed at 7:30 or 8:00. Could you please put some of the Cubs games on at later than 4:00 or earlier than 7:00? Thanks!”

No word yet on if the Klosowskis will send the letter to Manfred but there is hope the games will start earlier for Lily since the MLB has yet to announce the times for Cubs games in the National League Championship Series.

The team advanced to that round of the playoffs after beating the Giants 6-5 Tuesday night in Game 4 and AT&T Park.