Superfan’s top 3 loves: Wife, kids, and Cubbies

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BUFFALO GROVE -- To call Al Brodsky a Cubs “fan” might be an understatement. At work at MSM Media in Buffalo Grove, there’s a little bit of wall space around his desk that’s not covered in Cubs stuff, but not much.

Al says he’s been a fan since he could breathe. Born and raised in Chicago, he’s gone to Cubs games his entire life, and even worked as a vendor at Wrigley in High School and college.

“I’d be the earliest in and the last to leave,” Brodsky said. “Not just because I wanted to make money, but because I love the Cubs.”

In recent years he even threw out a first pitch. And to Al, all those years of the “loveable losers” don’t even count; it’s this team that truly holds his heart today.

Most of his colleagues would agree. During the playoffs, Cubbie blue kept the office buzzing, as did the sugar from the Cubbie treats.

Just one person seemed to be a little out of place: his boss, who’s a Sox fan at heart. Nevertheless, he recently awarded Al tickets with tickets to game one of this series.

It has been an emotional season for Al to watch his team go so far, and he says even if they don’t go all the way he is proud to call himself a major fan.

“I am proud of what they’ve done, and I’m proud to be a cubs fan,” he said.

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