Parents face uncertain future as teachers` strike looms

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CHICAGO -- Today was the last day of school before the long holiday weekend, and parents are preparing for the possibility their kids could be out of class much longer.

Parents waiting for their kids at Carl Von Linne Elementary School in Avondale faced an uncertain future after dismissal this Friday. The teacher’s union and the school board plan on keeping up negotiations over the weekend. But if there’s no contract deal by Tuesday morning, teachers will strike for the third time in four years.

Parents with the group parents4teachers held up signs expressing their support for teachers Friday afternoon at the Washington Street overpass on the Kennedy Expressway, and the Racine overpass on the Eisenhower.

“I'm just hopeful something will be resolved,” said parent Jenni Biggs. She said they plan on picketing with teachers, “as much as we can.”

CPS says school buildings will be open for students during school hours in the event of a strike.