Photo of 12-year-old boy helping blind man cross busy intersection goes viral

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NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio — A photo of a 12-year-old boy helping a blind man cross a busy intersection has gone viral on Facebook.

Terry Strader, who is blind man, was crossing a familiar intersection on Tuesday when he felt something different. A young boy had grabbed Strafer’s arm in efforts to help him cross the busy intersection.

“I was just crossing the street and someone said, ‘Let me walk across the street with you,’ and I just said ‘OK,’ in a polite way,” Strader told WKRC-TV.

The 12-year-old who decided to lend a helping hand was Jayden Denton.

“He could have just walked out into traffic and hit by a car, so I thought I should help him across the street so that didn’t happen,” said Denton.

What Denton didn’t know was that Strader was familiar with the area, as he travels this route on his way home from work everyday.

“You never refuse that because you never know when you might need it,” said Strader.

Neither Strader nor Denton knew that across the street, a woman was watching this kind gesture unfold. Kristie Webb quickly snapped a picture of the two and took to Facebook to share what she saw.

Webb went on to explain how nervous it makes her when she see’s blind people crossing the street alone, and when she saw Denton walk over to help Strader she was almost brought to tears.

“Then, THEN, this happened, and the sappy, soft-hearted, hormone driven mom inside of me almost cried,” she said. “I actually felt my heart swell with pride for a boy I don’t even know, and I thank God that kids like him still exist.”