Chicago police investigate latest smash and grab burglary at AT&T store

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police are looking for the burglars who smashed their way into a downtown business. It's at least the sixth smash and grab incident in the past two days.

A front glass door of the AT&T store at 168 North State Street was smashed in just after 5 a.m. Wednesday. A witness reportedly saw at least one man running from the scene soon after with a backpack filled with merchandise.

This morning all iPads and high end phones were clearly missing from store displays.

Employees were not allowed to be interviewed but they say it's the second time this location has been hit in the past month alone.

The business owner next door is not surprised by another smash and grab, given the risk and reward for those involved.

"With the cost of electronics nowadays, and the smash and grabs are so quick, they can really procure a lot of money in a very short period of time," Dr. Troy Tann told WGN.

But Dr. Tann is surprised criminals would hit on this block of the Loop since there is usually activity at all hours of the day.

At around the same time early yesterday morning, at least five businesses in the South Loop were also targeted in smash and grab incidents which netted cash and other merchandise.

Police are investigating all of these incidents. They say it's too early to know if the same criminals are behind them all.

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