‘Bathroom passport’ limits students trips to restroom at suburban school

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ST CHARLES, Ill -- The bathroom policy at one  middle school in suburban St Charles allows students to leave class to use the facilities only about three times every three months.

Melissa Walker says two of her son's teachers at Wredling Middle school handed out bathroom passports to start the school year.

It says you only get three trips to the restroom per quarter and to use them wisely.

If the form is lost, students lose all remaining bathroom trips.

The idea is to keep kids from abusing bathroom time.

But Walker says it's ridiculous. She posted a picture of the passport on her Facebook page and it drew quick reaction from other parents. Her son Angelo is a 7th grader. She says he has special needs and the passport system makes him very anxious.

Jim Blaney the spokesperson for School District 303 says this is not a district wide policy. He says "common sense dictates that if a student needs to use the restroom, teachers will let the student use the restroom."

Walker wants the passports to go away.

The district says it's up to individual teachers to decide how they manage their classrooms. It is not a school-wide nor district-wide policy.



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