Midday Fix: Preview of the Dog Film Festival from Aly DelaCoeur

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Aly DelaCoeur, whydoesmydog.com


Dog Film Festival
Sunday, September 11
11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
The Music Box Theater
3733 N. Southport Avenue


To purchase tickets:


For more about the festival:


*Animals are not allowed inside the Music Box Theatre

Aly's Tips:

Be consistent when conveying expressions, attitudes and signals to your dog. So your dog can learn how you are communicating and can better understand you.

Provide feedback: let your dog know when they have done something right or are just being good. Same thing when they have done something naughty – let them know what you want them to do instead. Guide them through training and through redirection.

Pay attention to how your dog communicates: some dogs are a lot more vocal than others and some only use body language. Know when a growl goes from play to aggression, when barking goes from excitement to fear. A wagging tail does not always mean a happy tail.

Pay attention to how you are communicating with your dog: dogs can read our faces, our moods and our body language. Sometimes they know more about us than we do. So if you are frustrated doing training, your dog will know, even if you are trying to hide it. Better to just take a break and try later.

Do not punish your dog for communicating like a dog: if your dog growls when a kid pulls on his tail. The worst thing you can do is punish your dog because now you taught him “Do not warn, bite instead”. Dogs don’t bite when a growl was enough. Work with your kids and dogs to respect each other.

Get to know your dog: your dog cannot tell you how they are feeling. They cannot write a letter to the editor or see a therapist to talk things out. Learn their normal, everyday routines and behaviors so that you can tell when something is out of the normal.

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