Disablility groups want to override terminally ill teen’s plan to end life

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APPLETON, Wisc. -- Disability rights groups are trying to override a terminally ill 14-year-old’s decision to end her painful life.

Jerika Bolen of Appleton, Wisconsin, suffers from type-2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy which has paralyzed her body except for her hands and parts of her face.

She lives in constant pain, and has survived the disease longer than most patients do.

Wisconsin child welfare officials have been asked by two groups to investigate Jerika’s mother for neglect. They say the teen can’t responsibly make a life or death decision.

Jerika plans to enter hospice care this month and stop using the ventilator that helps her breathe most of the time.

State officials have not indicated if actions are being taken in the case.

In July, Jerika wore a prom dress at a party held at a local banquet hall which she called her last dance.

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