Chicago Teachers Union call for second strike authorization vote

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CHICAGO - There will be a second strike authorization vote by the Chicago Teachers Union.

That vote will take place between September 21st and the 23rd.

They say they called for a second vote to re-mobilize members, and avoid any legal efforts by the city or state to halt a possible strike.

The house of delegates, the union's governing body, approved the strike re-authorization vote a few hours ago.

Mayor Emanuel says the teachers are being offered a "generous" raise of 13 percent which the teachers union laughed at.

Chicago Public School officials released a statement saying:

A strike can be averted, and CPS will work tirelessly to make sure children’s education and progress is not interrupted. CPS teachers do great work – especially propelling the Chicago students’ remarkable academic gains – and we want to give them a fair raise that works within our budget constraints.

A strike is a very serious step that affects the lives of thousands of parents of children, and we hope that before taking that step, the CTU’s leadership shares the detailed contract recommendation from the independent third party fact finder with teachers and other staff.

Working closely with the CTU leadership, we have already come close to a final agreement that made historic gains in teachers’ day-to-day quality of life, including more freedom on grading, fewer evaluations, less paperwork and establishing community schools. Since these issues have been CTU priorities for years, we are hopeful we can preserve as much of that framework as possible going forward.