New Canine Athletic Center aims to keep dogs in shape

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CHICAGO -- We all know we should work out. Stronger heart and lung, stronger body, weight control, rehabbing injuries -- the list of benefits is seemingly endless. So why should work outs be reserved for our two legged family?

Inside the new Canine Athletic Center in Buffalo Grove, pets' physical strength and abilities are the focus.

Whether a dog is dealing with advancing age, arthritis, an injury, doctors say the underwater treadmills are a great place to start, allowing dogs to stand on their own, relax their muscles and move without pain.

According to vets, orthopedic surgeries on dogs have more than doubled in recent years as owners become more active and pet obesity skyrockets.  Here weight loss plans calculate a dogs exact caloric needs  and exercises focus on strengthening joints under pressure as the weight comes off, helping dogs young, old, chubby or injured lead a happy more comfortable life.

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