Team Britain had epic luggage fail due to identical red bags

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There are some things Olympians just aren’t trained for — and identifying identical red duffel bags is apparently one of them.

The Great Britain Team arrived home assuming the Olympic games in Rio were behind them, only to be greeted with the greatest game of all.

The event stage? Baggage claim.

Windsurfer Nick Dempsey was the first Olympian to document the madness.

Team Great Britain decided to organize and regroup but I am not sure it helped.

Olympian Sophie Ainsworth sailed into the tension filled situation with positivity and a big smile on her face.  Has anyone else noticed they are all wearing the same thing too?

Maybe there is a hidden message here? The 470 Girls have a theory.

World Rowing Champion Alex Gregory is in a state of chaos, yet order as his fellow counterparts are left to wander in the aimless abyss that is ‘Red Duffel Land’.

We end on a bittersweet note as fellow Rowing Champion Matt Landridge admits that he may not be able to perform under this kind of pressure.

There is a lesson in this somewhere.