Rising MMA star shot and killed: ‘He showed a lot of promise’

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CHICAGO – Police are searching for suspects in the fatal shooting of a man in the city’s Englewood neighborhood.

28-year-old Travis Allen was gunned down outside the house where he lived with his fiancée at 57th and Emerald around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

He was sitting in a car with friends when police say someone walked up opened fire.

Allan ran, but the gunman followed, still shooting.

The father of three died at the hospital.

The motive for the shooting is under investigation.

Those who knew him say Allen was a rising MMA star who was fighting for a better life.

The amateur mixed martial arts fighter had his sights set on turning pro.

“He wanted to make something out of his life,” his fiancée Gabrielle Marshall said. “He didn't deserve nothing like this. Bad things happen to good people.”

“When someone like him gets hunted down, it speaks volumes of what's happening in city of Chicago,” sais Allen’s promoter Mike Davis.

Davis says Allen spent most of his time working out. He was training for a big fight showcasing his talent in Hammond next month.

“Promoters all over the Midwest knew about his sheer athleticism,” he said.  “He had a lot of promise.”