Homeless woman wins $100,000 in social security fight

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WASHINGTON, DC -- A woman is no longer homeless after she fought the federal government and won.

Wanda Witter has a new apartment in Washington, DC, after she received a check for $100,000.

But that wasn't the case for the past 20-years.

Witter is a trained paralegal, but she wound up in a shelter when she couldn't find work.

After qualifying for social security, she wound up in a legal battle over how much the government owed her.

Eventually checks stopped coming altogether because she had no fixed address.

But she does have three suitcases full of social security documents and research.

“I know I’m entitled to this, and somebody is screwing me here,” said Witter.

A few months ago, a social worker went over her papers and found her some legal help.

“We got her this huge result in three months which is amazing. It’s incredible,” said Daniela de la Piedra who is with the Legal Counsel for the Elderly.

She took the case and proved the government owed Witter just under $100,000.

The check was deposited into an account last week.

“I can't imagine how to handle $100,000. I have never had that kind of money in my life," said Witter.

The Washington Post reports she could get more money once all her paperwork is processed.