Indoor axe throwing coming to Chicago’s West Loop

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CHICAGO -- Indoor axe-throwing is coming to Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

A Canadian company called Bad Axe Throwing is opening its first location in the U.S. at 165 N. Loomis Street – about a mile from the United Center.

A free open house is scheduled for September 9–12, bookings will start September 12.

For $45.25 plus tax, customers will get a one-on-one lesson on how to throw an axe at a wooden target, as well as a tutorial on how to stay safe.

After a warm-up, groups will take part in a tournament.

There is no age limit, so anyone is welcome to join in on the axe-throwing fun.

Bad Axe does not serve food or alcohol, but customers can bring their own food and beer into the facility. Hard liquor is not allowed.

Drunk customers will not be allowed to participate.

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-The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report