Over 100 arrested in raids targeting gangs across Chicago

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CHICAGO – Chicago police made 100 felony arrests during one of the largest raids in recent years, targeting more than a dozen gangs across the city, officials said.

Coming after a six-weeks-long investigation, the raids began early Thursday morning in the busiest police districts across the city, encompassing a majority of CPD’s 22 districts. Police also recovered seven illegal weapons in the process.

The 100 felony arrests and one misdemeanor included 82 offenders who were on CPD’s “Strategic Subject List,” which identifies those most likely to commit violent crimes, officials said.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the raid followed another big one over Memorial Day weekend, and feels this strategy is working.

“There's a small subset of population who repeat the same crimes that drive violence,” Johnson said. He said the police will, “continue to conduct missions to put them on notice that their behavior will not go without consequence.”

This investigation is not over. CPD  expects to make another 105 arrests in the coming days after getting the necessary warrants. All the individuals arrested so far are in custody awaiting bond hearings.