Meet the 12-year-old CEO running a local Lego-like subscription service

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12-year-old Parker Krex is the Creator/Founder and Chief 'Entertainment' Officer of the company Brick Loot, a subscription service for Lego and brick fanatics alike, gaining quite the following in Chicago and beyond.

Parker became obsessed with Legos at the age of 4, reviewing different sets on his YouTube channel.

Back in 2014, he originated the idea that jump started Brick Loot.

During a garage sale to help finance Parker's Lego collection, the family plotted the entire business plan for Brick Loot and a year later, sales were booming.

And it's not just Parker running the show, Erin Krex, Parker's mom, is the president of the company while Parker's dad, Steve Krex, is the VP.

"There is a following for him," Erin said. "A lot of families feel that, 'You know what? This kid had an idea, and he followed through with it, and his parents invested in it.'"

The overwhelming response made Brick Loot a profit of $250,000 in only six months, forcing the family to migrate their business to an office to handle the high demand of 'loot'.

Parker chooses the inventory the store offers, in addition working with exclusive third party designers as well as local purveyors (not Lego branded) where original sets are customized and cannot be found anywhere else.

Every box shipped out is a surprise, with specific, hand-picked contents varying month to month. A single box is $27, a three-month subscription is $25 a month, while a six-month subscription is $23 a month. Shipping is extra.

If you can't wait for your box to come, you can visit Parker and his grand Lego-like collection at his Northbrook Store where the store holds events, 'swaps' and rare parts and pieces for your collection.