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1-year-old boy shot in the head while inside home in Riverdale

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RIVERDALE, Ill. — A one-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was shot in the head while inside a suburban apartment Thursday morning.

Cell phone video appears to show a police officer and a paramedic rushing the baby into an ambulance.

"It’s just hard to see a baby get shot in the head.  It’s crazy," said neighbor Michelle Baker.

Riverdale police aren’t saying much, but neighbors say there were four children home at the time.  Their mom had just started school. The one-year-old boy, two older boys who appeared to be teenagers and a girl, possibly 11.

"Somehow the access to a gun inside the house and was fighting over it and it went off," said neighbor Yamajesty Lumpkins.

Lumpkins said he heard multiple screams and thought someone was fighting when he saw kids crying and adults trying to help the toddler. He brought them towels from the house to clean up the blood.  He said everyone was upset, especially the girl.

Riverdale police say they found a gun at the scene and are now conducting interviews.  It’s unclear who the gun belongs to.

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