Officers look to create better partnership with residents in West Pullman

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CHICAGO -- Chicago Police went door to door Tuesday night in an effort to summon South Side residents to an emergency community meeting.

They are calling it Operation Wake-up.

“We know for a fact that we simply aren’t going to arrest our way out of it,” said Glen Brooks, a Chicago Police Area Coordinator. “There is an evil or violence that’s in this community that is all across the city. We need to work with the community members to find a way to solve it.”

Tuesday night’s gathering came 48 hours after 6-year-old India Tucker was shot outside her grandmother’s house at 123rd and Perry. The girl underwent surgery. Pamela Collins is India’s grandmother, she says she is touched by her neighbors’ support.

“I really appreciate their love and their support because I needed it. I needed to feel like somebody cared,” she said.

CPD is using Operation Wake Up to try to create a better partnership with the community.

Activist Donvan Price, who regularly attends these meetings, says they’re making a difference.

“If nothing else, it brings the neighborhood aware of their neighbors,” he said. “Some people in some neighborhoods, this may be the first time they’ve seen each other or sat with each other or had a conversation other than to wave out a car.”

The gathering ended with residents and police joining hands to pray for peace.