Bella Beltrame, 5, featured on WGN, dies after brave battle with cancer

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CHICAGO -- Bella loved life, and even battling an aggressive cancer, she smiled and played.

The WGN Medical Watch Team flew with her on her desperate journey to find care and now we have a sad update to a story we brought you in February. A vibrant 5-year-old girl who became ill suddenly during the holidays last year. Her parents had no idea what was wrong.

After Bella's parents took her to the emergency room, WGN began to document Bella’s story.

WGN took an exclusive ride with the Lurie Children’s Transport Team. Isabella Beltrame was rushed to the experts since she had life-threatening pressure in her brain.  Within hours doctors found a massive tumor in her brain.

She had surgery and treatment which gave her family their little girl back, if even for a few months.

She dressed as a super hero for her doctors and overcame huge obstacles to reach heroic heights.

"Living day to day, enjoying everything along the way, we’re going to make the best of every day," Bella's mom Melissa.

Early this month, the cancer spread, and on Monday night, Bella died in her family’s arms at home.

She adored the team who cared for her and they came to love her, and for us here at WGN, she touched our hearts as well.

Bella Beltrame, a 5-year-old angel.

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