7 beauty hacks that will blow your mind

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Beauty blogger Nicole Townsend shared some pretty awesome beauty hacks Tuesday on WGN Morning News.

Do these 7 things to look even more beautiful while saving money and time!

  1. Swipe a stick of deodorant over your entire face before you apply foundation. It helps your makeup to last all day and provides a matte finish.
  2. Apply blush UNDER your foundation to achieve a natural "flush."
  3. Say goodbye to makeup brushes and apply liquid foundation with an ankle sock. It helps prevent blotches and provides an airbrushed finish. BONUS: You’ll save tons of money on costly makeup brushes.
  4. Use scotch tape to create the perfect cat eye and contour. Folks will think you’re a pro makeup artist!
  5. Use baking soda and water to combat puffiness under your eyes.
  6. Use fresh cut limes as deodorant. It’s a detoxifying beauty formula that neutralizes bacteria.
  7. Use butt glue -- you know, what pageant contestants use to keep their swimsuits in place -- to keep your shoes from sliding when you walk. Hairspray will work, too.

Check out Nicole's blog  "Pretty In the Windy City" here.