CPS cheerleaders learn skills, safety at camp put on by volunteers

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CHICAGO -- It takes strength, precision, endurance and a lot of hard work.

And Nadege Beauvoir is determined to make sure cheerleaders in Chicago have every opportunity to learn the sport safety and correctly.

As the founder of Cheer Talent Dynamics, Nadege and her coaches tour the state and beyond building better teams.

But it was in the city of Chicago she found her skills were needed most.

“After working and volunteering with different programs in the inner city, we noticed there was a huge skill gap,” she says.  “So we were like how to do we even the playing field? It’s because they can’t afford the services as much or it’s not the focus of the household. So they’re still trying to do that skill and its very, very dangerous.”

And so Beyond Limits Cheer Camp was born.

It’s a two-day, free program for cheerleaders across the city to improve their skills at the hands of highly experienced cheerleaders and gymnasts.

“Talent lives everywhere, so we should do our best to give everybody a chance,” Beauvoir says.

For two days, eight hours each day, 240 area cheerleaders get detailed training in everything from stunts and tumbling, to motions and jumps.  They work alongside Nadege’s team and volunteer cheerleaders from Naperville Central and Marist High Schools.

“I hope they can see its not only about the skills.  If you have the heart for it and the passion for it, you can get just as far as any other team can,” says

The teens not only improve their cheerleading skills, but they say they also improve life skills as well as health and fitness levels.

This is the first in what Nedege hopes will be a series of free clinics for CPS school kids, many of whom have watched programs get slashed in the state’s budget crisis.

While these campers are focused on flips and building pyramids, she says they’re really building a better Chicago.

“If we can give all of these kids a purpose, we’re building a better tomorrow.  That’s really what we’re about.”


More info at: http://www.cheertd.com/

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