Young girl shot in head returns home from hospital

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CHICAGO -- Zariah Muhammad’s family and activist Andrew Holmes arranged a special homecoming for the young girl; after being shot in the head on Thursday, she is now out of the hospital.

After being shot in the head on Thursday, Zariah is now out the hospital.

 Waiting for her were a couple of special friends: Spiderman, Dora the Explorer and Bart Simpson to name a few.

Her aunts were here as well as other family. Those aunts have been at Zariah’s side since Thursday night when she was rushed to Comer Children’s Hospital. Zariah underwent surgery on Friday. During her stay in the hospital, she had a number of visitors, including Mayor Emanuel.

A bullet fractured Zariah’s skull outsider her grandmother’s house in the 6800 block of South Calumet Avenue. She was outside with other kids playing when a man shot and killed her uncle, David McCray.

At least 25 children 13 and younger have been shot in Chicago this year.

Now that’s been released from the hospital, Zariah is requesting a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. The girl wants that to happen tomorrow. This has been trying time for this family which is thanking everyone in Chicago for all the support.

Zariah’s mother says she feels like the family needs a new beginning. Young Zariah – that smile, her mother says - she was what got everybody through this horrible incident.

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