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The 10 qualifications you need to become an FBI agent

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Imagine traveling the word, fighting crime and putting some of the world's most dangerous criminals behind bars. So, how do you become a special agent for the FBI?

WGN Morning News spoke with Special Agent and applicant recruiter Siobhan Johnson Tuesday to discuss the requirements needed for the job.

The FBI is looking for people who have:

  • Serious physical fitness
  • The drive to succeed
  • The desire¬†to serve their country

Johnson explained that you did not have to be the top student in high school to qualify. There are different career choices that can help.

"You could, for example, go into the military or military intelligence," Johnson said. "When you come out, you are very desirable to us for the information you have learned and the critical thinking skills."

Johnson said that the FBI is looking for what she describes as "second career type individuals," not students right out of college.

The FBI special agent candidates must fulfill the requirements listed below:

  • 3 years of work experience or more
  • 23-36 years old
  • Bachelors Degree
  • U.S citizen
  • No convicted felonies
  • Limited drug use
  • No federal loan defaults

Chosen candidates must complete a 21-week boot camp at Quanico Military Base in Virginia.

Johnson also says that the job pays well!

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